About 10,000 citizens returned to Azerbaijan from different countries

The return of Azerbaijani citizens from abroad is carried out within the established schedule.

Preference is given to families with young children, elderly people, people in need of medical care and women.

Those retuning from abroad are quarantined.

To date, about 10,000 Azerbaijani citizens have been returned from different countries by charter flights.

Depending on the capability of the country’s quarantine points to receive citizens, it is planned to return 200-400 Azerbaijani citizens from abroad next week and to quarantine them for 14-21 or 21-28 days.

Azerbaijani citizens wishing to enter the territory of Azerbaijan from the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on the land border with Turkey will be placed in the border regions on Turkey’s territory and then they will quarantined in groups for 14-28 days in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The quarantine of Azerbaijani citizens coming from abroad is compulsory and all citizens are required to strictly observe the special quarantine regime declared in the country.