Accidents at work to be insured in e-form in Azerbaijan

A meeting was held with the representatives of Azerbaijan’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FIMSA), Compulsory Insurance Bureau, PASA Hayat Sigorta, Atasgah Hayat Sigorta, Qala Hayat Sigorta and Xalq Hayat at the Azerbaijani Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, Trend reports referring to the ministry.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the work and upcoming tasks in the field of application of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the ministry and the abovementioned structures.

Adviser to Azerbaijani Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Mustafa Abbasbayli spoke about the importance of compulsory insurance against the accidents at work and loss of work ability as a result of occupational diseases. The adviser emphasized the importance of cooperation between the state agencies, employers and insurance companies in this sphere.

Abbasbayli stressed that the reforms being carried out by the Ministry, in particular, the introduction of e-systems in these spheres, have become widespread.

When discussing the work to be carried out in the field of cooperation, the interlocutors stressed that the e-exchange of information will cover all employees of the country with compulsory insurance. The measures will be taken in accordance with the law towards the employers who do not insure their employees, identifying them in e-form and generally improve the control system in this sphere.

During the meeting, the participants stressed that the system will begin to operate from early September 2019.