Advertising revenues fluctuate in Azerbaijan

Advertising revenues have been fluctuating in Azerbaijan over the past six years, Trend reports referring to data provided by Azerbaijan’s State Statistical Committee

As such, the lowest figures during the said period were observed in 2016, when advertising revenues made up 43,424,900 manats. The figures for 2017 were noticeably higher, at 44,336,300 manats.

The highest figures were recorded for 2013 and 2014, at 57,085,700 manats and 67,311,400 manats, respectively.

The most recent figures for advertising revenues are provided by the committee for 2018, when they stood at 51,111,200 manats.

Most of the revenue made in 2018 (20,264,200 manats) accounted for the spread of advertising. The main share of this figure is comprised of income from street and roadside advertising media. As such, the income in the mentioned fields of activity in 2018 amounted to 9,866,400 manats.