Ambassador: 123 Azerbaijani citizens evacuated from Hungary

As many as 123 Azerbaijani citizens have been evacuated from Hungary by charter flight, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Hungary Vilayat Guliyev told.

“Azerbaijanis in Hungary can be divided into three groups. The first group are those who live and work here for a long time and they are not going to leave the country because of the coronavirus spread. The second group are students. More than 800 Azerbaijanis study in Hungary with the Hugaricum scholarship. The third group includes tourists, businessmen who came to Budapest for a few days. After Wizzair suspended flights on March 15, we contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to arrange a charter flight. Azerbaijan showed maximum activity and care for its citizens, as a result of which, a charter flight to Budapest was carried out, on March 18 to transport 123 Azerbaijani citizens, including 50 students to their home country. We keep in touch with the citizens of Azerbaijan in Hungary. We invite all of them to register at the embassy in order to facilitate communication with them. In general, the situation is under control. We have a hotline around the clock. We are ready to help our citizens at any time. This is our job,” said the ambassador.

Regarding the situation in Hungary, Guliyev noted that the country is successfully combating the spread of coronavirus.

“On March 16, a state of emergency was declared in Hungary, all borders were closed. There are also news about the possibility of declaring curfew in the country. About 112 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Hungary, 117 have been quarantined, seven have recovered and five have died from the virus. In general, the country has a calm atmosphere, people cooperate with the authorities, there is no hype, the shops are full of products,” he concluded.