Azerbaijan advances 14 pillars in Global Talent Competitiveness Index

Azerbaijan advanced 14 pillars in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2019 and ranked 43rd among 125 countries, Trend reports referring to the Azerbaijani Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication.

Azerbaijan ranks first in the post-Soviet area, excluding the Baltic countries.

“Azerbaijan ranked 71st in 2015-2016, 66th in 2017 and 57th in 2018,” Executive Director of the Center Vusal Gasimli said. “Azerbaijan ranks seventh in the Western Asia and Northern Africa region.”

Azerbaijan ranks 25th in vocational education, 81st in development of talent, 48th in conditions created for talent, 44th in attracting talent, 41st in retaining talent, and 68th in higher education.

Azerbaijan ranked 1st in easiness of recruitment, 32nd in active labour market policy, 30th in employee-employer cooperation, 14th in the salary suitability to productivity, 28th in direct foreign investment and technology transfer, 34th in women’s leadership, 26th in cooperation within the enterprise, 19th in cooperation among enterprises, 33rd in social protection, 26th in the number of doctors, 5th in the level of employees’ education, 4th in secondary education of population, 30th in the number of qualified specialists, 33rd in correspondence of education to the level of the economy, 20th in correspondence of secondary education in the labour market, 36th in correspondence of higher education in the labour market, 33rd in the number of people with higher education and 23rd in availability of scientists and engineers.