Azerbaijan ahead of US and Germany in terms of Efficiency Index of Rail Service

Azerbaijan is ahead of the US and Germany in terms of Efficiency Index of Rail Service, Trend reports referring to the Global Competitiveness Report for 2019 published by the World Economic Forum.

Azerbaijan’s Efficiency Index of Rail Service is 70.8, in accordance with the report.

In this index, Azerbaijan is ahead of such developed countries as the US (69.2), Germany (65.3), Estonia (60.9), Norway (57.6) and Sweden (49.3). Japan’s Efficiency Index of Rail Service is 96, which is the highest index. Lesotho has the lowest index.

Azerbaijan ranked 11th among 141 countries.

The efficiency index is measured by combining such categories as frequency, accuracy, speed and price. The density of railway networks and the overall level of traffic are not reflected in the efficiency index.

The Global Competitiveness Index is a global study and the ranking of the countries in terms of economic competitiveness. It has been calculated upon the methodology of the World Economic Forum. It is based on a combination of publicly available statistics data and the results of the global survey of the heads of the companies, which is an extensive annual study conducted by the World Economic Forum together with several partner organizations – leading research institutions and organizations – in the countries which are analyzed in the report.

The Global Competitiveness Index has been conducted since 2004. Presently, it includes the most comprehensive range of competitiveness indicators in various countries.

The World Economic Forum determines the national competitiveness as the ability of a country and its institutions to ensure stable economic growth rates that would be sustainable in the medium term.