Azerbaijan becomes reliable partner in world thanks to its foreign policy

Azerbaijan has become a reliable partner in the region and in the world thanks to a successful foreign policy strategy, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Azerbaijani Center for the International Relations Analysis Javid Valiyev.

“Azerbaijan’s independent foreign policy is shown in real actions rather than words,” the head of the department added.

“Azerbaijan turned into an excellent platform for cooperation despite interests of global forces clash in the region where Azerbaijan is located thanks to the balanced foreign policy of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev,” Valiyev said. “Holding of numerous international meetings and events in Baku testifies to this.”

“On the other hand, Azerbaijan’s neutrality during conflicts among neighboring countries, non-interference in the internal affairs of other states and the ability to establish ties for regional cooperation have made Azerbaijan a reliable partner,” the head of the department said.

“Thus, unfortunately, the South Caucasus was considered as a zone of conflicts and armed clashes in interstate relations and scientific research,” Valiyev said. “However, energy and transport projects implemented by Azerbaijan created an opportunity for regional cooperation. The countries which previously opposed these projects want to take part in these projects now. All this shows that Azerbaijan is a reliable partner.”