Azerbaijan establishes association of sapling producers

The Azerbaijan Sapling Producers Association Public Union has been established at the initiative of natural and juridical persons engaged in the cultivation of saplings with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

A constituent assembly of the association was held at the Center for Agrarian Research under the Ministry of Agriculture. Its main goal is the development of this area through new technologies and the provision of domestic demand.

Speaking at the meeting, the Head of the Department for Work with Farmers, Associations and Cooperatives under the Ministry of Agriculture Araz Ismayilov touched on the work made on the development of the agricultural sector in the country. He noted that one of the main objectives of the Strategic Roadmap for the Production and Processing of Agricultural Products, approved by President Ilham Aliyev, is the creation of associations related to various areas of agriculture, including the field of sapling production.

Ismayilov stressed that an increase has recently been observed in the number of associations specializing in the agricultural sphere, which can play an important role in the development of the agrarian sector.

“Saplings have been produced in Azerbaijan since ancient times. I hope that the association will serve to expand this field, as well as to form a new generation of young farmers engaged in it,” Ismayilov said.

State support is being provided for the development of sapling production in Azerbaijan, according to the Head of the Department for Organization and Monitoring of Gardening and Viticulture under the Ministry of Agriculture Tofig Rzayev.

It was stated by the Head of the Sector for Forest Saplings and Seeds of the Department for Forest Development under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Rahim Ibrahimov that the association’s work will contribute to the emergence of new farms in the country to grow seedlings and eliminate dependence on their imports.

The membership of the association’s board, consisting of 7 members, was confirmed at the meeting. Zafar Novruzov was elected chairman, and Mohammed Bazarov as deputy chairman of the board.