Azerbaijan may change package of compulsory medical insurance services

The corresponding amendments were proposed to be made in certain provisions related to the package of services of the law “On medical Insurance”, Azerbaijani State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance told Trend.

“In accordance with the proposals, the package of services will not consist of basic and additional parts,” the agency said. “So, the package will cover medical services which are comprehensively rendered in outpatient and inpatient conditions. The autumn session of the Azerbaijani parliament is currently discussing these amendments which are proposed to be made in the law.”

The agency has prepared a set of medical services (package), within which the services covering about 3,000 diagnoses will be rendered.

During the phased application, as part of the package of services, citizens will be provided with first aid, ambulance and emergency medical services, outpatient and inpatient medical services, including services of special vital importance.

The public will be informed about the names, terms of use, tariffs, the amount of joint financing of medical services in the package of services, including the conditions of medicine provision after their approval.

Reportedly, initially the package of compulsory medical insurance services was supposed to consist of a basis part and an additional part.

The basic part was to include first aid, emergency medical services while the additional part – specialized medical assistance.

The basic part was supposed to be used by Azerbaijani citizens, foreigners and stateless people permanently and temporarily residing in Azerbaijan.

It was envisaged to transfer 29 manat ($17) per person to the state budget each year to use the basic part free of charge. It would have been necessary to pay contributions for compulsory medical insurance to use specialized medical assistance related to the additional part of the package of services.