Azerbaijan reduces multiple-entry visa fees for US, Korean citizens

The fee for multiple entry visas for US and Korean citizens has been reduced by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers in Azerbaijan, Trend reports referring to the cabinet.

Currently, the fee levied for issuing a multiple entry visa to Azerbaijan is set at $350.

When establishing the size of the state duty levied for multiple entry visas for foreigners coming to Azerbaijan, it is important that the principle of reciprocity be taken into account, said the report.

The US side, with respect to Azerbaijani citizens, has set a fee of $160 for a multiple entry visa for tourist, student and exchange visas, and a fee of $190 is charged for a work visa, transfer between companies, as well as visits of religious leaders.

The US Embassy in Azerbaijan, in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, asked for longer visas for US citizens and reduction of the fee for multiple entry visas.

South Korea charges Azerbaijani citizens $150 for a multiple entry visa.

Given the above mentioned facts, it was considered rational to reduce the amount of state duty for multiple entry visa applications of US and Korean citizens.