Azerbaijani Ecology Ministry: Baku should have more cars running on compressed gas

In Baku, more than 70 percent of air pollution is caused by transport, stated Head of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Regulation at the Azerbaijani Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Mirsalam Ganbarov, Trendreports.

According to him, the monitoring carried out in connection with the air in the atmosphere shows that the air is more polluted on hot summer and calm days.

Ganbarov noted that the main factors of air pollution also include the accumulation of large industrial enterprises and the dense population of the territory, as well as non-compliance with environmental norms and standards in economic activity.

Ganbarov believes that it is necessary to use more advanced methods, increase the use of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and cars running on compressed natural gas which pollute less air, to minimize the number of vehicles running on diesel fuel and give preference to small-run cars.

“Given that in 2021 the fuel produced in the country will meet the EURO-5 standard, this will also create conditions for reducing the emission of harmful substances into the air,” he said.