Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes warns businesses of serious sanctions for non-provision of checks

Some 97 percent of Baku’s trade and public catering facilities violated the rules for using cash registers, Trendreports referring to the monitoring report of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes.

According to the information, customers were not provided with cashier’s checks in 194 facilities. It was also revealed that 320 employees of various enterprises worked without an employment contract.

The Ministry of Taxes stated that sanctions were not imposed on the entrepreneurs this time. However, the warned entrepreneurs may face serious fines for repeated violations. As such, entrepreneurs will have to pay a fine of 1,000 manats for the first violation, 3,000 manats for the second violation made during the same year, and 6,000 manats for the third violation (as well as further violations) made during the same year.