Azerbaijani State Customs Committee talks on rise in prices for goods imported from China

The Azerbaijani State Customs Committee has commented on the information spread by several media outlets that the customs bodies raised the prices for some goods imported from China to Azerbaijan, which resulted in problems for the entrepreneurs of the Bina and Sadarak shopping centers.

“The entrepreneurs updated the media outlets about an increase in transportation prices,” the Azerbaijani State Customs Committee told Trend. “As a result of their appeals, “Cargo” company notified that the prices increased as a result of the measures taken by the customs bodies.”

“While transporting the goods which are imported into the country, entrepreneurs can negotiate with any carrier regarding the prices that correspond to their business activity,” the Azerbaijani State Customs Committee said.

“Customs duties on the import of goods are based on customs tariffs,” the State Customs Committee said. “Other measures stipulated by the legislation in connection with the import of goods are applied according to the tariff classification of these goods. According to the Azerbaijani law on ‘Customs Tariff’, there are ad valorem, specific or combined customs tariffs.”

“When calculating the customs debt at the specific and ad valorem customs tariff, the unit of measurement and the customs value specified in the Commodity Nomenclature of Azerbaijan’s Foreign Economic Activity are taken as the basis,” the State Customs Committee said. “Therefore, the voiced opinions that customs payments are calculated in accordance with a cubic meter according to the current legislation are unfounded.”

Some entrepreneurs who are trying to evade customs payments during export-import operations may be dissatisfied with ensuring transparency through the recent reforms carried out in the customs bodies, as well as the steps taken to strengthen financial control.

The customs bodies will always ensure transparency in their work, create favorable conditions for entrepreneurs engaged in lawful activity and take concrete measures against those who do not observe the law.