Azerbaijan’s Food Safety Agency: control increased over export of products to EU

Since the beginning of its activities, the “1003” call center of Azerbaijan’s Food Safety Agency has received 17,241 appeals on violations of consumer rights and appeals of a different nature, chairman of the agency Goshgar Tahmazli said at a press conference dedicated to the anniversary of the beginning of the Agency’s activities, Trend reports.

According to him, 359 complaints were related to food poisoning. The agency’s employees identified 167 facts of food poisoning, which affected 403 people, including two cases of death.

Tahmazli added that in line with the “Unified information register of audits conducted in the field of entrepreneurship,” a total of 579 inspections were conducted, including 277 planned and 302 unscheduled (extraordinary) inspections, which resulted in administrative measures being implemented in 390 cases. Among them, conditional fines were taken in five cases and warnings were issued in 22 cases, and administrative fines totaling to 280,100 manats were applied to 363 cases, including 9,850 manats of conditional fines.

Tahmazli went on to say that, thanks to control measures taken during the export process, the number of cases of refusal in importing countries has been significantly reduced. As such, seven cases of refusal of import of hazelnuts by countries of the EU were registered.

“For comparison, during the period from January 2017 and before the commencement of the agency’s activities, the number of refusals stood at 36. During the inspections carried out, 127,821 kilograms of food products and 3,620 liters of alcohol unfit for consumption were destroyed; 96,177 kilograms of products were neutralized; and it was decided to return 1,500 tons of cereals,” he said.

Tahmazli said that 124 inspections were carried out in the field of veterinary control, and 54 decisions were made on the use of administrative penalties, including 8 warnings and 46 decisions on the implementation of administrative fines in the total amount of 15,500 AZN.

It was stressed that over 46,187 kilograms of meat and meat products were destroyed by veterinary inspectors as part of inspections in the veterinary area, and more than 58 tons of imported products were returned to the exporting countries.

As a result of the operational measures carried out by the agency with the help of the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 5,947 kilograms of meat not meeting the technical and regulatory documents on microbiological and organoleptic indicators were found.

During the period of the agency’s activity, 264 applications were received from 112 businessmen regarding the registration of 893 veterinary products. After inspections, 243 veterinary preparations, 42 types of feed and 51 types of feed additives were registered. At present, checkups of 545 products are ongoing, and the registration of 12 types of veterinary drugs has been stopped.

As a result of examinations carried out in the National Laboratory of the Institute of Food Safety and in other regional test laboratories, infectious and invasive diseases were detected in pathological materials in 4,218 cases (4 percent), including invasive diseases in 1,958 cases, brucellosis in 1,562 cases, chlamydia in 225 cases, pasteurellosis in 287 cases and rabies in 67 cases.