Construction of modern wastewater treatment plant nearing completion in Azerbaijan

The construction of the first modern wastewater treatment plant developed on the basis of new technologies is nearing completion in Azerbaijan, Trend reports referring to Azersu OJSC.

As part of the Pirshaghi Wastewater Treatment Plant project funded by the Government of Azerbaijan in partnership with the Export-Import Bank of Korea, the sea exit line, which was the most complicated part of the installation process, was delivered to the construction site in the village of Hovsan by special vessels and installed. The installation process lasted four days.

The construction of the line of access to the sea of ​​the structure, which has been built in the village of Pirshagi of Baku’s Sabunchu District and has the cleaning capacity of 40,000 cubic meters per day, was one of the most important parts of the project. A line of steel pipes with a diameter of 1,600 millimeters and a length of 1,700 meters has been built to drain purified water into the deeper waters of the sea in order to maintain the environmental stability of the Caspian Sea.

The line was installed at the construction site of Neftgaztikinti trust of State Oil Company SOCAR, which specializes in laying submarine pipes and protecting metal structures from corrosion located near Hovsan.

About 90 percent of the work at the Pirshaghi Wastewater Treatment Plant, the construction of which began in 2017, has already been completed. Wastewater will be treated in three stages.

The complex will prevent the discharge of ​​wastewater generated in the vast territory in the northeast of the Absheron Peninsula into the Caspian Sea. Wastewater from the villages of Kurdakhani, Pirshaghi, Mashtagha, Bilgah, Nardaran, Mahammadi, Digah, Mehdiabad, Goradil, Fatmayi and Novkhani will be treated here. The project is of particular importance for ensuring the environmental safety of the Caspian Sea.