Day of Election Silence begins in Azerbaijan

The time allotted for the election campaign as part of the snap parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan is over.

Day of Silence has been declared in Azerbaijan on Feb.8 on the eve of the parliamentary elections.

According to the schedule of basic actions and measures for the preparation and conducting the early parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, the campaign begins 23 days before election day and ends 24 hours before the start of voting.

A total of 1,314 candidates have been registered in the snap parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.

As many as 5,426 permanent and 215 temporary polling stations will operate in Azerbaijan on the election day.

The elections will be observed by 883 international and 77,721 local observers.

Moreover, 1,129 trustees, 7,603 commission members with the right of deliberative vote and 2,085 MPs have been registered in the elections.