Electronics Laboratory Center to be created in Azerbaijan

Electronics Laboratory Center will be created in Azerbaijan, Sumaks Technologies company head Javid Mammadov told Trend May 23.

He said that experts in the field of electronics and microcontroller programming will be trained in the center.

“There are very few electronics engineers in Azerbaijan, and most of them don’t meet modern requirements,” he noted. “Therefore, we plan to create a laboratory for the training of personnel, as well as an educational center for adults and schoolchildren. The laboratory will play the role of a common center. Some schools have laboratories of robotechnics. By creating a common center, we want to attract all schools and young people who are interested in it. We have submitted proposals for this to the structures.”

He added that certain support and investments are needed to create the center.

“In the center, young people will learn how to program microcontrollers, make electronics, devices and apply them,” he noted. “This experience was tested abroad long ago. For example, in the UK, students of 4-5th grades are involved in electronics labs.”