Excise tax on alcohol and cigarettes may increase in Azerbaijan

The tax rates on excise goods produced in Azerbaijan, which are envisaged for the production of alcohol, beer, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, energy drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and electronic cigarettes are planned to be changed from 2020, Trend reports on Oct. 23.

This is stipulated in the draft bill “On Amending the Tax Code”.

In accordance with the part of the bill related to Article 190 of the Tax Code, the excise tax on each liter of alcohol, vodka, spirits and liquor will be changed from 2 manat ($1.1) to 3.2 manat ($1.8), cognac – from 6 manat ($3.5) to 3.2 manat ($1.8), champagne – from 2.5 manat ($1.5) to 2.6 manat ($1.5), ordinary wines – from 0.1 manat ($0.05) to 0.2 manat ($0.11), alcoholic beer from 0.2 manat ($0.11) to 0.5 manat ($0.29), alcoholic energy drinks from 2 manat ($1.17) to 2.1 manat ($1.23), non-alcoholic energy drinks from 3 manat ($1.76) to 3.1 manat ($1.82).

The excise tax on slim cigarettes will be changed from 20 manat to 31 manat per 1,000 pieces.

Moreover, the excise tax of 0.4 manat (23 cents) is propos