Excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco & energy drinks increase in Azerbaijan

In accordance with the Decree by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev “On Amending Azerbaijan’s Tax Code” dated Dec. 25, the excise tax rates on alcoholic, tobacco products and energy drinks produced in the country have been changed, Trend reports referring to the Azerbaijani presidential website.

According to the amendments, the excise rate on alcoholic beverages has been set at 3.2 manat ($1.8) per liter of spirit, vodka, strong alcohol, liquor and alcoholic beverages, thus having increased by 60 percent compared to the current excise rate of 2 manat ($1.1).

The excise rate on champagne has been increased by 4 percent – from 2.5 manat ($1.4) to 2.6 manat ($1.5), wine and wine products – twice, from 0.1 manat (5 cents) to 0.2 manat (11 cents), alcoholic beer and drinks with beer content – also twice, from 0.2 manat to 0.4 manat (23 cents). For other light alcoholic drinks, the excise rate has been set at 0.4 manat per liter.

At the same time, the excise tax rate on cognac and cognac products has been decreased almost twice – from 6 manat ($3.5) to 3.2 manat ($1.8) per liter.

The excise rate on tobacco products has been set at 31 manat ($18.2) for 1,000 cigarettes, cigarillos and tobacco substitutes, thus having increased by 55 percent compared to the current rate of 21 manat ($12.3).

The excise rate on energy drinks has been set at 3.1 manat ($1.8) per liter, thus having increased by 3.3 percent compared to the current rate of 3 manat ($1.7).

In total, 162 amendments were made to the Tax Code.