FIG World Cup opening ceremony in Baku to be dynamic: head coach of Azerbaijani team

The opening ceremony of the FIG World Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Baku promises to be dynamic and interesting, the stage director and head coach of the Azerbaijani national rhythmic gymnastics team, Mariana Vasileva, told Trend on April 25.

Vasileva noted that the main theme of the opening ceremony will be devoted to interaction of the four elements.

“The opening ceremony promises to be very dynamic and interesting, as it will feature athletes representing all types of gymnastics, as well as our choreographers. The main theme of the opening ceremony will be interaction of the four elements – fire, land, air and water. The theme is very serious, we want to show that our planet exists due to the interconnection of these four elements .They are the driving forces not only of the Earth as a whole, but of sport in particular,” Vasileva explained.

She added that preparations for the opening of the FIG World Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics were rather difficult this year.

“We have a very tight schedule, so this time preparations for the opening were not easy. First of all there was the World Cup in Artistic Gymnastics, then the European Trampoline Championships and then the AGF Junior Trophy. The training was very difficult, but I think everyone will like the opening ceremony very much,” she said.

The opening ceremony will begin at 17:30 (GMT + 4) on April 27 at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku.

Baku will host the FIG World Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics for the sixth time. The tournament, to be held on April 27-29, is expected to bring together 127 gymnasts from 26 countries. Of them 44 will perform in the individual programs, while 83 gymnasts will take part in group exercises.

The gymnasts, performing both in the individual programs and within teams in group exercises, will compete in the qualifications to be held on the first two days of the events. Qualification results will define the All-Around winners as well as Apparatus Finalists in both programs.

The strongest eight gymnasts and eight teams in group exercises will compete for the first place in the finals to be held on the last day of the FIG World Cup.