High-level experts mulling ASAN International Association’s charter in Baku

A meeting of high-level experts from the countries representing the ASAN International Association, which renders public services, was held in Baku on December 24, Trend reports.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the draft charter of the association and submit a document on the domestic procedures of the member-states for signing.

The draft charter of the association was prepared by an expert group of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan and sent for consideration to the relevant countries.

After receiving a positive conclusion from the countries that signed the declaration of intent, a decision was made to gather high-level experts for a detailed discussion of the document in Azerbaijan.

The declaration of intent on the creation of the structures of the ASAN International Association rendering public services was signed by the heads of the corresponding ministries of Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Montenegro, Turkey and Uganda within the forum of the United Nations Public Service Forum organized in Baku in June 2019.

The venue of the meeting of the ministers of the organization in 2020 is also planned to be determined and the next stages of the legal procedures of the organization’s structure are planned to be discussed at the meeting of experts in Baku.

The goal of creating the ASAN International Association is to discuss the urgent problems, ways and means of solving modern challenges in the field of effective management of public services between member-states.

Another priority is the creation of an institutional network of specialists and experts with the aim of creating the structure of the strategy and its implementation, as well as determining the directions for the further development of public services.