International Union of Public Associations “Union of the Azerbaijanis of the World” (briefly UAW) was established in 09.03.2005 as an international association of other public unions on the basis of general common interests of its member to reach the chartered goals.

UAW – is the UNION established on the principles of voluntarism and equality of its members. 

UAW participates in the enhancement of state strength, economic development and scientific-technical progress of Azerbaijan, ensuring proper security of Azerbaijan State and people, actively takes part in provision of economic, scientific, informational, educational, humanitarian, technological, cultural and other supports to Azerbaijan for full integration of motherland to world community and world economy. 

The UNION gives support to establish, develop and enhance friendly interstate relations between Azerbaijan, Russia and other countries, takes part in the preparation and realization of cultural, scientific, economic, social programs for free and secure living of Azerbaijan People.

The UNION helps for education and employment, support for socially non-protected and low profit azerbaijanis living in the country or abroad, permanantly keeps relationship between diaspora and motherland.

The UNION acts at the territory of other countries where members its members live or branches and respresentative offices are situated.