Iran postpones launching of Zafar satellite into space

Launching of Iran’s Zafar satellite into space has been postponed, Murtaza Barari, Chairman of Iranian Space Agency (ISA) said in an interview to Iran’s Fars News Agency.

The reason of postponing is the proceeding with caution and avoiding any undue haste.

There is no any problem for positioning of Zafar satellite at an orbital distance of 530 kilometers, Barari said.

Zafar satellite has been tested by Iranian experts over the past 4 months.

On February 3, Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, announced that the Zafar satellite will be sent to space this week.

In addition, less than 2 million euro was spent on the manufacturing of Zafar 1 and Zafar 2 satellites. The cost of the satellite is more than 10 million euro. The average life of the satellite is 2.5 years. The weight of the Iranian Zafar satellite is 113 kilogram. The launching of satellite into space is aimed at updating maps, as there are changes at Iran’s oil reserves, agriculture, forests and lakes.