Large-scale reconstruction of roads continues in Azerbaijan’s regions

Azerbaijan’s State Motor Road Agency is reconstructing the Jibir – Khazra – Mujug – Sudur road in Gusar District in accordance with the decree of the president of Azerbaijan, Trend reports referring to the agency.

The road covers 14 settlements and its total length is 46 kilometers.

The road with a dirt base and gravel is in the 4th technical category. Potholes and profile deformation were formed on the road as a result of prolonged use and exposure to natural factors.

Within the project, a 36-kilometer section of the road will be covered with asphalt concrete, and another 10-kilometer section will be covered with gravel. As part of the work, deformed sections are dug up and irregularities are filled with soil and rammed, so as to repair and restore the road base.

According to the technological sequence, the work is currently conducted on the road will be followed with the creation of a road base using crushed stones.

Some 46 reinforced concrete pipes will be installed to replace old drainage pipes. It is also planned to build rectangular water conduits in 2 places and reinforced concrete bridges at two points.

In order to properly organize the movement, it is planned to install road signs and information boards, mileage indicators and signal supports, as well as to mark the road, at the final stage of the project.

The reconstruction of the Jibir – Khazra – Mujug – Sudur road in Gusar District will provide comfortable movement of the population, improve transport links between eight settlements with a total population of about 85,000 people and the district center. It will also contribute to the development of tourism and agriculture in the region.