Mandatory health insurance to be introduced in Azerbaijan

After the mandatory health insurance enters into force in Azerbaijan, citizens who want to receive this package will first have to contact the territorial medical clinics that are part of the mandatory health insurance system, Trend reports referring to the Azerbaijani State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance.

If it is impossible to check-up and treat a patient in a state medical center, the patient can be sent to a private medical center, which has an agreement with the Agency. A mandatory health insurance fee is envisaged for an additional part of the service package.

The mandatory health insurance will be paid through the budgetary funds for some strata of the population, if they do not work on the basis of an employment or civil law contract and are not engaged in entrepreneurship, the Agency added.

According to the labor code, these are 18-23 year-old-people, receiving full-time vocational, secondary or higher education, pensioners, individuals entitled to get social benefits, family members receiving state social assistance, pregnant women registered in territorial polyclinics and maternity welfare clinics, women in childbirth within 42 days, women on partially paid social leave. The benefits are envisaged only for Azerbaijani citizens.

The mandatory health insurance is planned to be introduced in Azerbaijan from January 1, 2020.