Ministry: Amount of salary cannot be less than 250 manats in Azerbaijan from Sept. 1

The State Labor Inspectorate Service of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population has appealed to the employers in connection with raising the amount of minimum salary up to 250 manats from September 1, 2019 in accordance with the presidential decree dated June 18, 2019, Trend reports referring to the ministry.

The State Labor Inspectorate Service brings to the attention of the employers that if an employee’s salary is below 250 manats, then it must be brought up to this amount from September 1. The minimum salary at workplaces from September 1 cannot be less than 250 manats.

This situation is constantly monitored via the subsystem “Notification about labor contracts” of the centralized information and electronic system of the ministry. The subsystem allows real-time tracking of information on the salaries set upon the labor contracts at workplaces.

According to the aforementioned decree of president, the employers must take appropriate measures for the people receiving salaries upon the 19-stage Unified Tariff Schedule in connection with an increase in the minimum salary.

The fine worth 1,000-1,500 manats will be imposed on the officials upon the Article 192.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses regarding the salaries of the employees in the amount below the minimum salary.