MP: Azerbaijani entrepreneurs should demonstrate social responsibility

There has been a decrease in economic development in a world, as well as a decline in prices for strategic products, including oil, Azerbaijani MP Vugar Bayramov told.

The MP said that the introduction of a special regime of work in trade, tourism, in the field of public catering, as well as measures of social isolation aimed at ensuring safety and protecting public health, have a negative impact on business activity and the development of most sectors of the economy in Azerbaijan, adding that however, in order to suppress possible negative trends in the country, measures to support entrepreneurship are being strengthened.

“The allocation of one billion manat ($588.2 million) by order of President Ilham Aliyev creates new opportunities for increasing support for entrepreneurs. At the preliminary stage, 12 areas of activity were identified that were negatively impacted, including tourism, hotels, catering, entertainment, transport, trade and others, which creates the basis for the efficient and transparent use of allocated funds,” Bayramov said.

“The expectations and reactions of entrepreneurs can be understood. Along with the application of tax incentives, the Azerbaijani government is also implementing initiatives to simplify the conditions for issuing loans to entrepreneurs, in particular small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), actively attracting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to government tenders, and expanding the self-employment program,” the MP noted.

“In the current situation, along with the recognition of their social responsibility by entrepreneurs, it is also important to give preference to entrepreneurs who demonstrate transparency, integrity, sociality when applying benefits. From this point of view, tax and customs preferences should be provided for companies that have taken legal activity as a fundamental principle of their business, paid taxes on time, kept their jobs, did not cancel employment contracts, did not send on unpaid leave and did not reduce their staff,” Bayramov stressed.
The MP said that in this situation, along with subsidizing part of the percentage of consumer loans, transparency of the economy is also relevant.

Bayramov called on entrepreneurs not to reduce the staff in accordance with the principles of social responsibility, adding that the fight against coronavirus made it necessary for entrepreneurs to comply with the principles of social responsibility, and in general solidarity.

He said that in such a difficult situation, it is imperative that entrepreneurs recognize their social responsibility.

“As President Ilham Aliyev said, together we are stronger,” Bayramov concluded.