New Azerbaijan Party males statement on snap parliamentary elections

Snap parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan were held on February 9, reads the statement issued by the New Azerbaijan Party.

“The conclusion of numerous international and local observers after the election proves that the election process was free, democratic and transparent, in full compliance with the country’s laws. The presence of 1314 candidates in the elections indicates that running for the MP mandate took place in conditions of high competition,” reads the statement.

“The New Azerbaijan Party, which participated in the elections with the motto “For a Stronger Azerbaijan,” was able to conduct a comprehensive election campaign with candidates registered in 123 constituencies. The great personal authority of the chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev among the people, the impressive results of his policy, the rapid development of the country’s economy, the well-being of the population, the increasingly strengthening international position of Azerbaijan, the successfully ongoing large-scale reforms were the main points referred to the New Azerbaijan Party in these elections.

“It is worth noting that numerous party members and volunteers made a significant contribution to the successful implementation of the election campaign of the New Azerbaijan Party, which joined the elections with worthy candidates who won great respect among people due to their personal qualities.

“Statements made by a number of well-known international sociological centers (exit-polls) after the election process indicate that the New Azerbaijan Party has achieved significant success in early parliamentary elections.

“The New Azerbaijan Party monitored the election process through its thousands of observers. According to their data, some of the candidates who participated in the elections and their supporters attempted to undermine the voting process, trying to cast a shadow on democratic and free elections by various provocations.

“The New Azerbaijan Party expresses deep gratitude to the citizens who voted for the party’s candidates, and, as a result, the policy of the President of Azerbaijan, and expresses confidence that the new composition of the parliament will make a valuable contribution to the reforms in our country,” reads the statement.