Nominal average monthly wage rises in Azerbaijan

As of January 1, 2019, the number of hired workers in Azerbaijan exceeded 1.55 million people, increasing by 1.8 percent in comparison with the same period last year, Trendreports referring to a report by the State Statistical Committee.

According to the report, 884,500 people of the total number of workers were employed in the public sector, while 667,200 people were employed in the non-state sector.

About 21.6 percent of hired workers are engaged in education, and 18.5 percent in the field of trade. Furthermore, 13.6 percent are employed in industrial production; 8.5 percent in social services and health care; 7 percent in public administration and defense; 6.8 percent in construction; and 4.6 percent in transport and warehousing.

Some 3.5 percent of hired workers are engaged in professional, scientific and technical activities; 3.3 percent in agriculture, forestry and fish farming; 1.6 percent in the financial sector and insurance; and the remaining 11 percent in other sectors of the economy.

The nominal average monthly wage of employees in Azerbaijan in 2018 increased by 3 percent, in comparison with last year, amounting to 544.6 manats.

Higher salaries were recorded in the financial sector and insurance, professional, scientific and technical, information and communication activities, construction industry, as well as the transport and warehousing.