Operational Headquarters: Azerbaijan suspends air, rail traffic with Russia

Azerbaijan has suspended air and rail traffic with Russia on the basis of mutual agreement in connection with coronavirus disease spread.

The Samur border checkpoint on the border of the two countries operates in a limited mode and according to the special schedule.

The appeals of citizens wishing to come to Azerbaijan through a border checkpoint between Azerbaijan and Russia are still being received.

In accordance with the agreement reached between Azerbaijan and Russia, from March 31, Azerbaijani citizens arriving from Russia will be allowed to enter the country every Saturday at a fixed time through the Samur-Yarag Gazmalar state border checkpoint.

The citizens who cross the border are accommodated for 14-21 or 21-28 days in field quarantine zones on the border.

The return of citizens from abroad to Azerbaijan is regulated taking into account the opportunities of the quarantine zones and the number of people who must be quarantined.