Over 28,000 tons of sugar beet harvested this year in Azerbaijan

About 7,346 hectares of land has been planted with sugar beets in Azerbaijan this year, Trend reports referring to the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan.

Some 5,693.13 hectares are irrigated via the traditional method, while 1,652.8 hectares of this area are irrigated through a pivot system. Overall, sugar beets were grown in 25 districts, including Imishli (917.65 hectares), Aghjabadi (843.5 hectares), Tovuz (668 hectares), Tartar (670.45 hectares), Beylagan (557.7 hectares) and Fuzuli (553.7 hectares).

Sugar beet harvesting is currently ongoing in Azerbaijan. Some 28,226 tons of sugar beets have been harvested to date. According to the indicators, Hajigabul District is leading in terms of harvesting rates. Sugar beet was planted on an area of 171.8 hectares in Hajigabul District this year, and 8,498 tons of crops have been harvested to date.

Moreover, some 3,995 tons of sugar beets were harvested in Tovuz District, along with 3,502 tons in Imishli District, and 3,253 tons in Aghjabadi District. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, 28,000 tons of sugar beets have been harvested to date.