Production of hybrid corn seeds begins in Azerbaijan’s Aghjabadi district

For the first time, Azerbaijan’s Aghjabadi district has launched the production of Adasa 16 hybrid corn seeds, Trend reports referring to the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan.

Parental lines of maize were planted on a plot of three hectares (maternal line ADK 455 and paternal line Cukurova 96/25) in order to obtain the Adasa 16 hybrid. The oil content of this hybrid is 4.59 percent, while its protein content is 8.13 percent and starch content is 61.11 percent by weight of grain. According to the results of the experiment, it will be possible to get between 12-17.36 tons of seeds from one hectare of land.

The production of the Adasa 16 hybrid in Azerbaijan will lead to a further increase in productivity and will contribute to the development of the country’s economy, partially preventing the outflow of foreign currency, the ministry says.

The production of local hybrid corn seeds in Azerbaijan first began in 2018 under the management of Azera Tokhumchulug LLC.