S. Korean Embassy holds food festival in Baku

Embassy of the Republic of Korea has held the Korean Food Festival at the Hyatt Regency Baku Hotel.

Four chefs arrived from Korea in order to present the Korean traditional dishes such as Galbijjim, Dakgalbi and Kimchi. Moreover, during the event there has been demonstrated Makgeolli, Korean traditional alcohol liqueur. Plenty of distinguished guests, including officials of the government attended the event to taste the Korean food.

Ambassador Kim Chang-gyu delivered opening remarks and expressed his confidence that the visit of Korean chefs and the Festival will contribute to the development of cultural relations. Ms. Tunzala Mammadzada, member of the board of directors of Azerbaijani Culinary Association, head chef also added its comments about the current and future development of relations between Azerbaijani and Korea culinary associations.

Moreover, Korean chefs introduced cooking method of several Korean dishes to broad masses of population by attending the program “Nuş olsun” on Khazar TV on June 28.

Embassy hopes that guests were delighted with the Korean traditional cuisine and the Korean chefs could achieve their goals to enlighten Azerbaijani people with Korean food.