Seed processing plant starts operating in Azerbaijan’s Sheki

A new seed processing plant built by the State Seed Fund under the Azerbaijani Ministry of Agriculture has started operating in Sheki city, Trend reports with reference to the ministry.

The plant processed 63 tons of wheat grain of the “Aran” variety.

The processing capacity of the plant is five tons per hour. The enterprise, with a total area of ​​1.1 hectares, consists of an administrative building, a seed cleaning center, vats for unloading seed materials before processing and a storage area.

The plant has a modern laboratory for researching the quality and productivity of seeds.

Weighing of seeds will be implemented by 60-ton weights.

The recycling process consists of four stages. At the first stage, the seeds are cleaned from stone fragments and coarse straw, at the second stage – from small straw and wild oats, at the third stage – from small wheat and at the fourth stage – from seed peel of wheat. Purified wheat is treated with a substance that kills the causative agent of smut disease, and then is collected in 50 kilogram bags.

Sheki seed processing plant will play an important role in providing seed producers with highly reproductive seeds. Seeds adapted to local climatic conditions and resistant to diseases will be processed there. There will also be cleaning, packaging and certification of seeds supplied from individual seed farms.

All necessary measures have been taken to enable farmers to observe the process of seed processing at the plant online. For this purpose, high-resolution cameras have been installed. In order to observe the process of seed processing, farms will be provided with IP addresses. Thereby, they will be able to watch the seed cleaning process remotely.