Wind farms may ensure up to 17% of electricity demand in Azerbaijan

Wind farms may ensure up to 17 percent of electricity demand in Azerbaijan, research fellow at the Economic and Political Geography Department of the Institute of Geography of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences Nijat Imamverdiyev told Trend.

“The activity of wind farms is also important for Azerbaijan to fulfil its commitments to reduce carbon emissions assumed within the Paris Agreement, as well as to keep up with the countries having sustainable energy,” the research fellow added.

“Thermal power plants that generate 91.9 percent of electricity in Azerbaijan emit 18.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year,” Imamverdiyev added. “At the same time, billions of cubic meters of natural gas are spent on electricity production.”

“The annual carbon emissions in the world have already reached 45 billion tons, which has led to an increase in average annual temperature by 0.8 degrees Celsius and global warming,” the research fellow said. “Some 146 countries have invested about $2.6 trillion for the construction of renewable energy power plants over the past ten years to prevent this.”

“Thermal power plants are gradually replaced by the stations operating on alternative energy sources to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere all over the world,” Imamverdiyev said.

The research fellow also stressed the high potential of the Absheron Peninsula, Julfa and Ordubad districts for wind energy based on the data from meteorological agency as of 1990-2015.

Imamverdiyev also determined the region of the general optimal territory for the construction of wind power stations in Azerbaijan through CIS programs by exploring 56 areas with high efficiency.