Youth Organization of the Union of Azerbaijanis of the World

1. Youth Organization of the Union of Azerbaijanis of the World (briefly YO UAW) exists as a structural unit of the Union and responsible to solve the tasks undertaken.

2. In its activity YO UAW follows the current legislation, Charter of the UNION and directives of the management.

3. Any person reached 16 years old and citizen of Russia, CIS countries and near abroad who follows principles of the Charter can be member of YO UAW.

4. Head of YO UAW is appointed and relieved with the written order of Chairman of UAW and is accountable in front of the UNION administration

5. Material and financial support for the activity of  YO UAW is given by the management of UAW after getting written applications which is issued at least once in a month or according to the confirmed longterm programs. Applications are given by head of YO UAW, longterm programs are discussed and confirmed in the general assembly of YO UAW.